We are a team of developers and designers who are passionate about creating great products.

Gambar Randy Ramadhan

Randy Ramadhan

Founder Ayoboga & Abercode Software | Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Gambar Muhyidin Yahya

Muhyidin Yahya

Co-Founder Abercode Software | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Gambar Devina Aulia

Devina Aulia

Secretary | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Gambar Asep Sumpena

Asep Sumpena

Founder dan Supervisor Ayomedia Studio | Illustrator
Gambar M. Fikri Primananda A

M. Fikri Primananda A

Supervisor Ayoboga Education
Gambar Fitri Siti Nurjannah

Fitri Siti Nurjannah

System Analysis | Programmer